New York State Wildlife Management Association

Nuisance Wildlife Control License

Statutory Authority: ECL 11-0507, 11-0511, 11-0513, 11-0521,

11-0523, 11-0524 and 6 NYCRR Part 175

The New York State Department of Nuisance Wildlife Control may issue a Nuisance Wildlife Control License to qualified individuals to act as an agent for a property owner or lessee. The licensee is permitted to take, temporarily possess, transport, and release wildlife, at any time whenever the wildlife becomes a nuisance, destroys property, or menaces an individual or domestic animal.

Please note:

~ DEC Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Exam is required for this license.

~ Certain species may require additional permits.

Please contact the Special Licenses Unit with any questions or concerns about qualifying or applying for this permit. To sign up for the Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Exam please contact your Regional DEC Office.

Special Licenses Unit
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-4752

List of applicable Laws and Regulations

  • New York Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) to read visit Department of State website at
    • 11-0507
    • 11-0511
    • 11-0513
    • 11-0521
    • 11-0523
    • 11-0524
  • New York Codes Rules and Regulations (6NYCRR)







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